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CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society (CBR ECHS) is proud of being prominent in market for their rapid developments. Below snapshots taken casually at work depicts the fact that how much we are keen to make our people satisfied.

  1. 28-May-2019 - Residencia Balloting - Check Result Here Click Here

  2. 20-May-2019 - CBR ECHS Management congratulate the members of CBR Town, Phase-II on installation of IESCO Transformers at CBR Town, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  3. 05-May-2019 - AC (Rural), Islamabad visit the CBR Town, Phase-I to resume the development Work. Click Here

  4. 21-Apr-2019 - CBR ECHS Launched Spring Tree Plantation 2019 Campaign in CBR Town Phase-II. Click Here

  5. 03-Apr-2019 - CBR ECHS Hq Shifted to Sector I-8/1, Islamabad near Potohar Metro Station. Click Here

  6. 29-Mar-2019 - Registered Property Dealers of CBR Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Click Here

  7. 22-Mar-2019 - Auction of Flat Site & Commercial Plots of Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  8. 12-Mar-2019 - Final Payment Notice for Phase-II Members Click Here

  9. 10-Mar-2019 - Ceremony of Summer Plantation 2019 in CBR Town. Click Here

  10. 09-Mar-2019 - Ground Breaking Ceremony of Islamabad Expressway Community Park & Play Ground. Click Here

  11. 08-Mar-2019 - Meeting with Additional Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad. Click Here

  12. 07-Mar-2019 - New Payment Schedule of Residencia Block. Click Here

  13. 26-Feb-2019 - Payment Notice for Phase-II Members. Click Here

  14. 30-Jan-2019 - Inauguration of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Raazi Hospital, Phase-I, CBR Town, Lohi Bher, Islamabad. Click Here

  15. 16-Jan-2019 - CBR ECHS Management Congratulate all the members on successfully conducing Prime Block Balloting . To Check Ballot Result, Please Click Here

  16. 16-Jan-2019 - CBR ECHS required applications from Property Dealers for Registration with the Society. Click Here

  17. 15-Jan-2019 - Prime Block Balloting is Re-Schedule on 16-01-2019 at Kot Kohlian, Phase-II, Rawalpindi at 02:00 PM. Click Here

  18. 24-Dec-2018 - CDA Director Building Control Section, Mr. Shafi Ullah Marwat visit CBR Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CBR ECHS), Phase-I, Lohi Bher, Islamabad. Click Here

  19. 18-Dec-2018 - Prime Block Balloting will conduct on 15th January 2019. Click Here

  20. 01-Oct-2018 - Phase-II Development in Pictures. Click Here

  21. 29-Sep-2018 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018, which was postponed on 16th September 2018, due to incomplete quorum, will be held on 13th October, 2018 at CBR Town, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  22. 16-Sep-2018 - Progress Report 2017-18. Click Here

  23. 01-Sep-2018 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 will be held on 16th September, 2018 at Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. Click Here

  24. 10-Aug-2018 - Final Notice for Pending Dues otherwise New Rates will be applied w.e.f. 01-Sep-2018. Click Here

  25. 23-Jul-2018 - Secretary Proceeding to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. Syed Zakir Hussain Naqvi will perform the duties of Associate Secretary. Click Here

  26. 09-Apr-2018 - CBR ECHS participate in Rose Exhibition at Islamabad. Click Here

  27. 22-Mar-2018 - New Schedule for the Auction of Commercial Plots of Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi is going to be held on 07-04-2018 . Click Here

  28. 14-Mar-2018 - Plantation Activity by School Children in Phase-II of CBR ECHS. Click Here

  29. 07-Mar-2018 - Auction of Commercial Plots of Block H & Block I, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi is Postponed. Click Here

  30. 07-Mar-2018 - Auction of Commercial Plots of Block H & Block I, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi is going to be held on 21-03-2018. Click Here

  31. 25-Jan-2018 - Balloting of Executive & Employees Blocks Launched today at Phase-II. To Check Balloting 2018 Results Click Here

  32. 25-Jan-2018 - Congratulations to the members of Phase-II on this Historical Moments of Balloting of Executive & Employee Blocks. Click Here

  33. 08-Jan-2018 - CBR ECHS Hq Shifted to Sector I-8/4, Islamabad near Faizabad Bus Station. Click Here

  34. 26-Dec-2017 - Approval of Sui Gas Connection for CBR Town, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  35. 11-Dec-2017 - Road Carpeting is started in CBR Town, Phase-I, Lohi Bher, Islamabad. Click Here

  36. 06-Dec-2017 - Today RDA Published Approved Housing Societies List in Daily Jang Newspaper. Click Here

  37. 05-Dec-2017 - Launching of New EXECUTIVE BLOCK , Lohi Bher, Phase-I, Islamabad. Click Here

  38. 25-Oct-2017 - Congratulations to CBR ECHS Phase-I Residence on the Inauguration of State of the Art Al-Khidmat Raazi Hospital, CBR Town, Phase-I, Islamabad. Click Here

  39. 19-Aug-2017 - CBR ECHS arranged Awareness & Donor Conference Dinner in CBR Town, Phase-I. Click Here

  40. 01-Aug-2017 - Payment Schedule for the Newly Launched PRIME BLOCK in CBR Town Phase-II. Click Here

  41. 01-Aug-2017 - CBR ECHS revised the Transfer Fee for Phase-I & Phase-II w.e.f. 01-Aug-2017. Click Here

  42. 13-Jun-2017 - New un-opposed selected MC takes Oath today. Click Here

  43. 11-Jun-2017 - Chairman FBR Dr. Muhammad Irshad visit CBR Town, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi on Sunday dated 11th June, 2017. Click Here

  44. 06-Jun-2017 - CBR ECHS Management Committee (MC) Elections Postponed. Click Here

  45. 17-Apr-2017 - CBR ECHS got 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize in Rose Exhibition, conducted by National Rose Society (NRS) at F-9 Park, Islamabad. Click Here

  46. 04-Apr-2017 - CBR ECHS Election Date Announced by ICT Department. Click Here

  47. 16-Mar-2017 - List of RDA Approved Housing Schemes Published in Daily Jang Newspaper Rawalpindi Edition on 16-03-2017. Click Here

  48. 03-Mar-2017 - Final Payment Notice to the Members of Phase-II. Click Here

  49. 01-Jan-2017 - Special Edition of CBRECHS published in Sunday Magazine of daily Nawaiwaqt. Click Here

  50. 24-Dec-2016 - RDA Officials Visits CBR Town, Phase-II, Kot Kohlian, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  51. 21-Dec-2016 - CBR ECHS Participate in Talent Expo at Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad. Click Here

  52. 22-Nov-2016 - On Week MCs Training Session Conducting by Cooperative Societies Dept ICT, Islamabad. Click Here

  53. 19-Nov-2016 - Prize Distribution Ceremony of Inter Collegiate Sports Competition Hosted by Islamabad Sports Board in Collaboration with Federal Directorate of Education and Sponsored by CBRECHS, Islamabad. Click Here

  54. 27-Oct-2016 - CBR ECHS participated in International Real Estate and Investment Show 2016 (IREIS 2016). Click Here

  55. 25-Oct-2016 - President of CBR ECHS meet with Mayor of Islamabad. Click Here

  56. Progress Report 2015-16 Click Here

  57. 20-May-2016 - Officials of The Flood Commission Islamabad visited CBR Town Phase-I regarding encroachment in Sawan River. Click Here

  58. 07-May-2016 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016 will be held on 7th May, 2016 at Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. Click Here

  59. 04-May-2016 - Additional IG AJK Mr. Sardar Faheem Ahmad Khan, Visited the CBR Town, Phase-II, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  60. 26-Apr-2016 - MoU signed with RAHMA Islamic Relief. Click Here

  61. 21-Apr-2016 - Inauguration of New Circle Registrar Office, Islamabad. Click Here

  62. 20-Apr-2016 - TRUE PEOPLE Magazine, Islamabad publish an Artical on CBR ECHS, Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Click Here

  63. 01-Apr-2016 - CBRECHS Participating in Dream Home Expo 2016, which is organized by Jang Media Group at Pak-China Friendship Center, Islamabad on 1st April 2016 to 3rd April 2016. Click Here

  64. CBR ECHS Authorize Mr. Muhammad Muttaqi Siddiqui to run a Liaison Office in Karachi to facilitate the Society Members of Karachi and Quetta. Click Here

  65. 31-Mar-2016 - We are pleased to announce that President of CBRECHS Mr. Altaf Ahmed Bhat has been selected as a Vice President of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Societies Forum ICT Islamabad. Click Here

  66. 18-Mar-2016 - Latest Pictures from Google Map about Development Work of Phase-II, CBR ECHS, Rawalpindi. Click Here

  67. Supplement on Balloting 2016 is publish in Weekly Awaz-e-Islamabad Newspaper on 25th January 2016. Click Here

  68. Balloting 2016 Results. Click Here

  69. Balloting of Phase-II Plots will be held on 19-01-2016. Click Here

  70. Registrar Cooperative Department, Muhammad Ali Inaugurate the New Office of CBR Town Islamabad. Click Here

  71. Now all The Members of CBR ECHS Society will get latest updates on their Mobile Phones. Download app for Android Phone.

  72. 13-Nov-2015 - One Week Training Course conducted by the Cooperative Societies Department Islamabad (ICT) for Managing Committees of Housing Societies. Click Here

  73. 09-Oct-2015 - Presentation from NUST Students on Housing Society Management Support System to the Management of CBRECHS. Click Here

  74. 18-Sep-2015 - Inauguration of Masjid-e-Usman in D Block, Phase-I, CBR Town. Click Here

  75. 12-Sep-2015 - CBR ECHS Signed Agreement with Star Marketing. Click Here

  76. CBR ECHS - AGM 2014 Video. Click Here

  77. 25-Sep-2014 - Minutes of CBR ECHS AGM 2014. Click Here

  78. MoU has been signed with Foreign Office Cooperative Housing Society. Click Here

  79. Oath Ceremony. Click Here

  80. CBR ECHS Phase-II Balloting 2013 Results. Click Here

  81. 25-May-2013 - Minutes of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013. Click Here

  82. Welcome Dinner in the honor of New Management of CBRECHS 27th May 2011 at Mr. Fahim-ul-Haq Residence.

  83. Underground Electric Power Supply System is on its way. Click Here

  84. MoU has been signed with PTCL officials. Click Here

  85. Construction work of Jamia Masjid. Click Here

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